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CAS Care Solutions Ltd offers a range of domiciliary
care services and Specialist Care

CAS Care Solutions - Specialist Care for Adults and Children

Palliative Care

We are trained in palliative care and will be attentive to your end of life wishes and preferences as well as your families during these difficult and emotional times. CAS Care Solutions enables you to remain in your own home receiving the support you require.

Dementia Care

We offer compassionate, attentive support throughout, our carers are dementia trained and are passionate about providing unique tailored care to those with dementia. By doing so, we are able to assist in promoting a good quality of life in familiar surroundings.

Complex Care

We have vast training and experience in complex care conditions and can provide support such as enteral feeding and cough assist. Anything else – please feel free to make an enquiry.

Sensory Support

Carers at CAS Care Solutions have vast experience and knowledge in providing the correct support to those with sensory loss. They have an understanding of the barriers to communication and provide solutions to overcome these.


We are dedicated in supporting you to rehabiliate following a stroke. We will work alongside other health care professionals to prompt and assist you with any recommendations made by OT’s/Physio’s.

Physical Disability

We are trained in manual handling which covers a vast range of equipment which you may need. Our staff can assist you with mobility and transferring using aids such as hoists, sara-stedy, mo-lift etc.

Learning Disability Support

We offer domiciliary support for adults with autism and learning disabilities whether you require daily care, live in support or respite. We work in a person centred way that is both unique and individual to the people we support & their families. Enabling individuals to lead independent lives in a fulfilled but safe way, helping them achieve their goals and progress, whether it’s at home or in the community in a way that works for them.


CAS epilepsy care involves the support and education for patients and their families, as well as resources to help manage the social and emotional impacts of the disorder. Our Epilepsy care varies depending on factors such as the type and severity of seizures, age and overall health.


Our primary goal is to ensure that the patient receives proper and compassionate care to maintain their comfort, dignity, and quality of life. This includes attending to the individual's basic needs such as feeding, hydration, hygiene, and positioning, as well as monitoring their vital signs and providing appropriate medical treatment.

Meal Preparation

If you think that you are in need of support with cooking, we can support you to prepare and cook home cooked meals.


You may just need a lift to the shop, you may like a carer to accompany you shopping or you may wish for your carer to do your shopping for you. Whichever the option our carers will be happy to assist you.

Domestic Help

We can help with domestic tasks, such as cleaning, laundry and ironing.


We can offer companionship visits within the timeframe you wish and can escort/ drive you for an outing.

Travel to Appointments

If you have an upcoming appointment we can arrange for your carer to drive/ escort you to this.


We are trained in safe-handling of medications and will be able to prompt you to take your medications or assist you with your medication management. They can also assist you with your blood sugar monitoring if you are diabetic.

Personal Care

We can help you get up, washed and dressed in the mornings and have had full training with mobility aids to assist with this. 

Overnight Care

A good night sleep is so important! If you are caring for your loved one and need a break to get a good sleep in, let us know and we will happily take over your caring duties during night time. We currently have availability for both sleep and wake nights.

Welfare Check

We can offer welfare checks to you or your loved ones to ensure your safety and well-being. In addition to this, our carers can offer welfare checks via telephone calls.

Technical Support / Paperwork Assistance

We can offer you support with organising your documents and can provide computing support. For example, assisting you to complete your online food shop.


We can support you with any maintenance you may require.


We understand that people take pride in their gardens and gardening tasks can begin to become difficult. Our carers can assist you with maintaining your garden.

Dog Walking

Dogs are lifelong companions and are proven to improve quality of life, We can assist you with ensuring your dog receives the exercise it needs.

Appointment Organising

We are happy to assist you with making appointments for the Chiropodist, hairdresser, dentist etc.

Short Term Cover

Holiday, sickness, family emergency cover – we can help with short term cover!

CAS Care Solutions